Thank you

Thank you to Hannes Wallrafen, Larissa Klaassen, Marie van Driessche, Marijn Meijles, and Simon Dogger for making this research real.

Thank you to the students of the 2018 minor web development, and especially to Bas Kager, Jamal van Rooijen, James Peter Perrone Jefferies, Jelle Overbeek and Rick Buter, for designing real exclusive interfaces for real people.

Thank you Léonie Watson for coming over to Amsterdam to give a lecture at one of the Icons meetups at the University of Applied Sciences. Without realising it you kicked off this whole research back then.

Thank you to all of you who took part in one of the Exclusive Design Challenges.

Thank you to Alla Kholmatova, Bram Duvigneau, Fransiska Groenland, Heydon Pickering, Irene Kamp, Ischa Gast, Johan Huijkman, Justus Sturkenboom, Koop Reynders, Laura Kalbag, Léonie Watson, Maarten Kappert, Marrije Schaake, Michèle van den Aardweg, Paul van Buuren, Peet Sneekes, Peter van Grieken, Reinier Ladan, Robert-Jan Verkade, Ron Kersic, Sanne ’t Hooft, Stephen Hay, Timon van Hasselt, Titus Wormer, Vitaly Friedman, for making this a better thesis, and making me smarter.

Thank you to Joschi Kuphal, Kevin White, Marc Thiele, Peter Heery and Stefan Judis for inviting me to talk about my research at your conferences.

Thank you Deanna Herst, Hanneke Brier, Harma Staal, Jan Belon, Jop Japenga, Sietske Klooster, and all the guest lecturers for your inspiring classes.

Thank you to my wonderful fellow students, with their own wonderful niches. I am going to miss our bi-weekly Chinese food, our conversations and our shared frustrations. Barend Onneweer, Joost de Boo, Jurgen Wiegeraad, Manon Mostert-van der Sar, Mariska van Zutven, Michelle Baggerman, Wiesje Korf, Yuri Westplat— and all the dropouts! —  you have all inspired me immensely!

Thank you Yuri Westplat for our Statler-and-Waldorf-esque conversations about design on the rides back to Amsterdam on Thursday evenings.

Thank you to all my guests at my The Good, The Bad, and The Interesting podcast. I thought my master research would be about our conversations, which is still a good idea.

Thank you to my colleagues at CMD Amsterdam for creating the best working environment ever.

Thank you to Harry Zengerink who blackmailed me into doing this master.

Thank you to Diek Kubbe and Joke Werkhoven, my teachers, for waiting with moving to the countryside until after I finished my master.

Thank you my dearest Katrien Vermeulen and Kiki van Gemert, I love you.

And thank you for reading.