Study situation

Exclusive Design Principle №1

In order to become specialist designers for all kinds of people with all kinds of disabilities we have to study different, individual situations. In the following chapters I dig in deeper into this idea.

Everybody’s paradox

This chapter is not so much about one single person: this chapter is about the medium that I work with: The Web. Here I take a closer look at the idea that the web is for everyone, which paradoxically makes it both an inclusive and an exclusive medium.

Fuckup’s mama

My students designed working prototypes for Marijn, who is severly motor disabled. The first prototypes were based on assumptions. Later versions were tailor made for Marijn.

Semantics schmemantics

Closely observing Simon, a blind product designer, gave me new insights in the value of semantics and gave me new ideas about the workings of screen readers.

Coders should learn how to design

In this chapter I argue that the web community should return to studying different situations, instead of continuing with simply copying patterns that other have designed for other situations.