Ignore conventions

Exclusive Design Principle №2

The current conventions are designed by, and thus for, designers. Not all of these conventions work for non-designers. If we want to include non-designers, and especially people with disabilities, we should reconsider these conventions, after we studied their situations.

The defaults suck

Some of the defaults of the tools of the web, and the design attitude of web design agencies, are of a poor quality. These need serious work.

More death to more bullshit

When you look at an average webpage, built with current conventions, from a screen reader’s point of view there is too much noise on it

Design like it’s 1999

I tried to recreate a website for Simon Dogger, a screen reader user. I ignored all conventions.

Coders should learn how to design

Many websites consists of patterns that were copied and pasted from other websites. A much more critical approach to existing patterns — with a designer’s mindset next to the engineering mindset — is needed for an accessible web.